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The future and beyond

Where will a Michigan Engineering Ph.D. degree take you?


Pursuing a doctorate degree opens many doors to potential career paths.

Michigan Engineering Ph.D. graduates find jobs in academia, industry, and research labs around the world. Hear from alumni and find out more about Ph.D. salaries and career resources below.

Career Trajectories

Where the journey has taken us

There are eight common career trajectories for Ph.D. students: Academia, Research, National Lab, Industry, Scientific Writing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Expert.

Watch the videos below to learn how alums feel Michigan Engineering prepared them for their career and advice they have for current and prospective Ph.D. students interested in a similar career path.

Michigan alumni have been helpful in providing me with an understanding of my post-Ph.D. options working in industry. By taking their time to interact with me and provide feedback based on their career experience, I am better prepared to make future career decisions.

Miracle K-A Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

Career Resources

Get support where and when you need it most

The University of Michigan and the College of Engineering support Ph.D. students in all aspects of their career journey. The Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) and University Career Services offer individual appointments, workshops, and web resources.

Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC)

The ECRC’s mission is to offer comprehensive career development services to College of Engineering students to support a successful transition from campus to career, and to assist employers with developing and maintaining successful recruiting relationships with Michigan Engineering.

Whether you need to talk to a career professional, learn how to best write a resume, or want to participate in a career fair, the ECRC is here to help you. Check out the links below for more valuable information and guidance.

  • University of Michigan Engineering Career Portal

    Any positions posted here are specifically for Michigan Engineering students and alumni. Check out this link to “Simplicity.”

    Eng Career Portal
  • International Student Internship Opportunities

    The ECRC provides resources to assist you with determining which positions you may be eligible for, based on your work visa status.

    ISI Opportunities

There are always opportunities for networking, whether it be through my department or college-wide events. I feel like I’m always talking to employers! Just the other day I was walking through the dude and saw that Sandia National Labs had a booth set up. I spoke with them, and they offered me an interview the next day.

Alexander H. Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Scientific Computing Ph.D. Candidate

University-wide career center

The University Career Center inspires and supports students to transition confidently beyond the University of Michigan by creating a dynamic space to gain clarity through their process of self-discovery. Here you can access robust resources for both the non-academic and academic job searches.

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Internship Opportunities

The ECRC provides resources to assist you with determining which positions you may be eligible for, based on your work visa status.

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