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Why get a

Earning a doctorate will mean that you have expert-level knowledge in your chosen field. Our Ph. D. students are passionate about a particular subject and are ready to exponentially expand their understanding of that topic through research.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctoral degree holders earned a salary over 20% higher than those with a bachelor’s degree. Along with earning a higher salary, there are a number of employment opportunities afforded to Ph.D.’s that bachelor’s and master’s degree holders would not qualify for.

The Michigan Difference

Michigan Engineering is a top-ranked engineering school

As a top engineering student, you’ll have many choices with regards to the institution for your doctoral program. So, why get a Ph.D. from Michigan Engineering?

In addition to world-class research, faculty, and facilities, Michigan Engineering offers a unique interdisciplinary experience for our doctoral students. Coupled with our vast alumni base and commitment to DEI, we offer our graduate students a unique, well-rounded educational experience.

of disciplines

We leverage expertise and wisdom from a wide range of academic disciplines.

With 19 nationally recognized schools and colleges, U-M has the best possible environment for integrating expertise across disciplines. In fact, most faculty in engineering have adjunct appointments with multiple departments and schools.

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Where are our industries converging? What’s next in technology and theory?
This chord diagram highlights the current trends and challenges in engineering along with the degrees that focus on each of these areas.

Best options for non-engineering prospective students
Don’t have an engineering degree but would like a Ph.D. in engineering? We have great options! The chord diagram below represents 5 years of data on “non-engineering” students from various disciplines who have been accepted into doctoral programs in the College of Engineering.

Examples of “non-traditional” student pathways to a Ph.D. include: Contact Us »
  • Arabic to Nuclear Eng. & Radiological Sciences
  • Music to Robotics
  • Russian to Climate and Space Sciences Engineering
  • Zoology to Aerospace

Check with the graduate coordinator in the engineering department of interest to determine if you qualify for their doctoral program.

My advisors have not only encouraged me, but have expected me to work with an interdisciplinary dissertation committee so that I can pursue my research at the intersection of society, engineering, and design.

Grace Burleson Design Science Ph.D. Candidate


Join the Michigan Engineering Alumni Network

College of Engineering alumni can be found in all over of the world! Join an alumni base of more than 85k passionate alumni who all do remarkable work.
Some of the colleges’ alumni include former astronaut James McDvitt, Google’s co-founder Larry Page, and Katie Bouman, developer of the algorithm used to filter the first images taken of a black hole.

Join the College of Engineering LinkedIn page to stay connected to all things Michigan Engineering. We know how much our alumni strive to make a real difference in everyday life and here you can leverage an amazing global community and make an impact on the world.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A People-First Perspective

Our dedication to engineering for the public good is inseparable from our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The best mix of talent achieves the greatest outcomes. People with different skills, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives are necessary for us to realize our vision.

Opportunities are created for all, and where barriers exist, we close the gaps. Every member of our community gets to be heard, should be involved, and must be empowered to achieve their full potential.

Learn more about the College of Engineering (COE) and the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ann Arbor has almost anything you could want, has a fair amount of people, but also has a small-town feel. The mashup of everyday people and academia makes for a very interesting atmosphere.

Wami O. Robotics Ph.D. Candidate

Research & Funding

The Michigan Difference in research and funding are showcased below with the following:

Highest NSF research volume


U-M has been the top U.S. Public University


Annual research expenditures


Total tenured and tenure-track faculty

Part of $1.62 billion in 2020 by U-M, the highest of any U.S. public university.


National Academy of Engineering (NAE)


Engineering NSF Awards


Engineering startups launched

Great resources enable
great research

We are able to intentionally integrate the breadth of disciplines from across the University by leveraging facilities that make Michigan Engineering a unique hub of academic and corporate innovations. Examples of some of our world-class facilities include:

» »

My focus is aerospace material research. Our lab provides us with all the resources for materials characterization, testing, and integration to do advanced aerospace structural and multifunctional materials research. Special electron microscope imaging facilities provide us with world-class capabilities for analyzing the nano-scale structure of materials.

Ruowen T. Aerospace Ph.D. Candidate

What is Rackham?

What is Rackham?

Rackham is referred to and linked to repeatedly throughout Engineering’s graduate information and this website. The Rackham Graduate School and the engineering college and departments work as a team to manage the application review process.

As an applicant, you will be interacting with both offices. Your graduate studies and research will be done within the College of Engineering, and the Rackham Graduate School help admit, manage, and confer most graduate degrees throughout the university.*

*the exception is the Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing (DEng) which is admitted, managed, and conferred by the College of Engineering.

Rackham Graduate School is committed to fostering a vibrant and diverse student community while preparing students for a wide variety of career options. This includes innovative professional development offerings, consultation services, support for well-being, funding for research and conference travel, and more. No matter what degree or field you might be pursuing, Rackham offers resources and assistance to support you at every stage of your graduate education.

Mike Solomon
Dean, Rackham Graduate School
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs–Graduate Studies

Location & Culture

Ann Arbor is known for many things including; a fast-paced university town, a place for foodies, a tech center, and a fun walkable downtown with many world-class art and culture locations. Over the years, Ann Arbor has become a destination hot spot for all ages!

What our students love about Ann Arbor


Best Cities to Live in America, Niche, 2022

Top 10

Most Charming Towns In Michigan, World Atlas, 2022


Best College Town & City in America, WalletHub 2021


Most Educated City in America, WalletHub, 2021


Engineering startups launched

Whether it’s sports, culture, outdoor activities, excellent dining, or shopping, we have it! To learn more about our amazing city, check out “Destination Ann Arbor”.

Ann Arbor has all of the cultural aspects of a large city while maintaining a small-town vibe. I am part of the U-M cycling team, nordic team, triathlon team, and the Ann Arbor Velo Club. I love biking the dirt roads, through the farms that are less than 10 miles from campus.

Elizabeth C.
Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

Welcome to the Michigan Coast!
Michigan is flanked by four of the five Great Lakes and has the most freshwater coastline of any U.S. state. More than 20% of all the world’s freshwater is in the Great Lakes!

Explore the Michigan Coast

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